Sing Out Magazine Review of Draiocht

May 18, 2009

Those nice people at Sing Out Magazine reviewed my album Draiocht lately.  Here’s an extract from the review by Chris Nickson

“Draiocht is Gaelic for magic, and it certainly suffuses this solo debut from Dublin Guitar Quartet member Flynn. He doesn’t hammer you over the head with his technique, but instead seduces with melody and invention, as on the opener, “The Tempest in Mall,” where subtle West African influences float under the music to create a lulling, gentle atmosphere. There’s a good mix of songs and instrumentals here, many from his own pen….He’s not just adept on guitar, but equally handy on mandolin and octave mandolin, as he shows very effectively on The Magical Reel / Cinderella’s Slipper, which supposedly contain both jazz and New Order influences, although they remain well hidden.
There’s very strong support from the other musicians, especially fiddler Liz Coleman and the pair of guitar duets with Ciaran Swift are little short of gorgeous. He closes with an interesting, slow version of Drowsy Maggie that brings out the delights of the tune to round out an album that is, yes, magic.–CN”

It’s nice to meet some people with taste! One thing to note of course is that I’m not a member of the Dublin Guitar Quartet anymore, but I’m sure they won’t mind the plug!.

You can read more about Sing Out magazine here.

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